My Favorite Podcasts - Spring 2015

2 minute read

As I mentioned, I listen to a lot of podcasts. A LOT of podcasts.

You may wonder how I get through so many. There are a few ways:

  1. I use the wonderful Overcast with a speed increase and Smart Speed.
  2. I have a pretty long commute on some days.
  3. I listen a lot. When I do the dishes, working around the house, walking the dog.
  4. I listen while I work, which many people say they can’t do without getting overly distracted, but it doesn’t seem to bother me, just like talk radio playing in the background.
  5. I focus my time on my favorites, and I skip the occasional episode that doesn’t sound as interesting, especially when I get a long backlog of unplayed episodes.

Here are my current favorites by category. Hopefully this gives you a nice starting point if you are looking for something to listen to.

Tech and Internet
  • Accidental Tech Podcast
    A great weekly show mostly about technology, with Marco Arment of Overcast, Tumblr, and Instapaper, John Siracusa of Hypercritical and OS X Reviews, and Casey Liss of podcasting with Marco and John.

  • Inquisitive
    A show for the curious about being creative and doing your best work. Currently finishing up a great arc on the Apple App Store.

  • Reply All
    A great new show from the new Gimlet Media about the internet, and how it impacts people, while we try and impact it.

  • Security Now
    Current news and deep dives into security technology. Sometimes it requires a good amount of understanding to wrap your head around, but Steve does the best possible job to help everyone understand this important topic.

  • This Week in Tech
    The weekly tech show. Rotating panel discussing the past week of technology.

  • TLDR
    A short podcast about the internet. Short stories that are worth taking the time to listen to.

Business, Start Ups, and Work
  • Grit
    A mostly weekly show with great discussions about following your dreams and having the drive to be successful.

  • StartUp
    A great show following the start up of a new company every season. The first season covered the network itself (Gimlet Media) and now they are following the start of a new dating company.

  • Triangulation
    Probably one of the best interview shows on the internet. Great in depth interviews to really get to know some of the most interesting people in technology and beyond.

  • Analog(ue)
    A great discussion about how technology is impacting our lives, both in good ways and in bad.
News, History, and Culture
  • 99% Invisible
    A great show about design, architecture, and other things we don’t often notice around us, and how it shapes the world.

  • Death, Sex & Money
    A very interesting show about some of the hardest topics to discuss with others.

  • Planet Money
    A great show about the world economy and the impact of current events.

  • Serial
    The breakout and super popular spin-off from This American Life, some of the best high production value podcasting.

  • Invisibilia
    Very interesting discussions about the invisible forces that influence our behavior.

  • LOST Rewatch
    Rewatch the great show Lost along with the hosts of this awesome show. Now finally updating weekly.

  • The Moth Podcast
    Storytelling at its best. Live stories recorded, told without notes. Just some really amazing listening.

  • The Whisky Topic Podcast
    Whisk(e)y is awesome and so is this discussion about it. Mark’s book is also awesome.

Still to come is a post with some of the best episodes I’ve heard within the past few months.