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Podcast Listening Update - Spring 2016

      3 minute read

Less than a year ago I posted my podcast listening playlist for the spring of 2015. Since then I’ve kept up with many of those podcasts, and I gave you an up...

Using Jenkins for More than Testing

      3 minute read

Testing. I love it. It is crucial to good software development. Running those tests continually and providing quick feedback to developers is important. At w...

Let’s Encrypt Your Docker

      3 minute read

What is Let’s Encrypt? A new Certificate Authority that is free, automated, and open. Check out the Let’s Encrypt website for more information.

Hey Android, I’m Back

      6 minute read

Hey there Android, I’m back My iPhone 5S was on it’s last leg (battery fatigue issues, and a home button that stopped working a several months ago), and this...

Sorry Chef

      7 minute read

Metaphoric link-bait subtitle: Hey there Chef, I still like to cook, but Docker is a microwave, and Heroku is a dinner buffet.

Podcast Listening Update - Fall 2015

      2 minute read

There have been some changes in my Overcast App! Here are the latest updates to my playlist as well as this summer’s best episodes.

Getting it all running

      2 minute read

I’ve covered the last major component so now it is time to build and get it all running.

Congratulations Security Now

      1 minute read

Last week Security Now released the 520th episode. A huge milestone, 10 years of recording, releasing an episode every week.