Ansible for Webapps

5 minute read

I’ve been using Ansible more and more. It is a really great way to manage server configuration. As I’ve transitioned away from Chef, I’ve been working on est...

Goodbye Ghost

2 minute read

Just over 2 years ago I relaunched and moved to Ghost. At the time, my reasoning was simple:

Giving Ansible a Shot

4 minute read

The other day I quit working with one of my Chef repositories for some servers I manage. I quit in rage. I quit because nothing worked how I wanted it to.

Flexible Maintenance Mode via nginx Proxy

1 minute read

There is a common pattern I’ve seen, in guides about Ruby on Rails deployment via Capistrano, to setup a maintenance pages or a maintenance mode. The guides ...

Using Jenkins for More than Testing

3 minute read

Testing. I love it. It is crucial to good software development. Running those tests continually and providing quick feedback to developers is important. At w...

Sorry Chef

7 minute read

Metaphoric link-bait subtitle: Hey there Chef, I still like to cook, but Docker is a microwave, and Heroku is a dinner buffet.