Understanding Your Configuration

      2 minute read

I believe that it is best to understand the configuration and behavior of the tools I use. I don’t appreciate a ‘black box’ approach to technology. I’ve alwa...

Let’s Encrypt Your Docker

      3 minute read

What is Let’s Encrypt? A new Certificate Authority that is free, automated, and open. Check out the Let’s Encrypt website for more information.

Getting it all running

      2 minute read

I’ve covered the last major component so now it is time to build and get it all running.

Nginx Proxy for Docker Containers

      5 minute read

Update (2017-01-27): I’ve got some tweaks to this configuration. Check out this more recent post for the diff.

Ghost Blogging Platform in Docker

      3 minute read

Now that PostgreSQL is up and running, we’ve got a great database to connect our blogging platform to.

Running Postgres in Docker

      3 minute read

Continuing my series examining the tech behind my website relaunch, it is time to examine how I’m running PostgreSQL in Docker.

New Website, New Tech

      1 minute read

The relaunch of my website was also an exploration into some different technology for deploying web applications.