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My DIY Peloton

      8 minute read

Longer ago than I’d like to admit, I put together a DIY Peloton bike to participate in Peloton Digital classes. I used it pretty consistently at first, but ...

pre-commit for Elixir Projects

      3 minute read

In the new project I mentioned in the previous post, I’m focusing on practicing good habits, which my CI setup is a large part of. The other big part is keep...

Testing Elixir Apps on GitLab

      3 minute read

Recently, I started a new side project (maybe more on that soon), and I decided to give GitLab a try. I’ve used it for some client work through my job, but h...

Writing an Ansible Role for Galaxy

      2 minute read

I’ve mentioned a few times how I’ve moved to use Ansible more and more for server provisioning and change management.

Cyber Security Month Writing Roundup

      less than 1 minute read

October was National Cyber Security Awareness Month. On the company blog I wrote up a 3 post series about building acceptable security when creating custom w...

Intro To Elixir Presentation

      less than 1 minute read

Recently posted on my main webpage in the other section, is a PDF of a presentation I gave at the Baltimore Elixir and Erlang Meetup.

Writing Blog Posts with Atom

      less than 1 minute read

Back when I migrated from Ghost to Jekyll, one thing I gave up was a really easy to use Markdown editor with a side-by-side preview.

Using Webpack 3.x with Phoenix 1.3

      6 minute read

My design skills are wanting. I’m much more focused on backend development. I can cobble together pieces, but I’m far from expert.

Ansible for Webapps

      5 minute read

I’ve been using Ansible more and more. It is a really great way to manage server configuration. As I’ve transitioned away from Chef, I’ve been working on est...